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Guide to No Regrets

The Bible is an amazing book for many reasons.  It is God’s Word. It is God’s Word to give instruction to all who read it.  It is God’s Word that will be accomplished whether men heed it or not.  And, as God’s Word, it will stand forever, and God will do what He has promised in His Word.

The clarity in telling the story of the Biblical characters demonstrates God’s desire to show us the way to live a full and rewarding life, to warn us of the consequences of sin, and to dissuade us from foolish choices.  As you know, the LORD uses clear “line upon line” teaching in Scripture as a deterrent to willful sinfulness. And, He has placed within the pages of the Bible accounts of men and women who were Godly and rejoiced in being so, as well as those who fell into great difficulty and dishonor due to indiscretion.

There are those characters that I have wished we could have had a conversation recorded from them after realizing the cost of a bad decision.  Those that had great privilege and turned from walking with God to walking away from Him…. What would they have had to say to all of us? I wish that we could have heard their pleas to all of us seeking to discourage and deter all that came after them from following the same path to destruction.

Wouldn’t the conversation between Adam and Eve when they could not return “home’ to Eden been an interesting chapter?  How about hearing from Esau in his adult years once he knew the fullness of the loss of selling his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew?  Or, what about Judas “before he hung himself” as the weight of his betrayal crushed his soul?

If we know (and we do!) that bad choices lead to bad consequences, then it seems we would long to do those things that encourage, build up, delight, and assist our faith as well as others we have around us.  Here are some suggestions that I found worthy of emulation….

Ten Things You Will Never Regret

1. Showing kindness to an aged person.

2. Destroying a letter written in anger.

3. Offering an apology that will save a friendship.

4. Stopping a scandal that was ruining a reputation.

5. Helping a boy or girl find themselves.

6. Taking time to show consideration to parents, friends, brothers and sisters.

7. Refraining from gossip when others around you delight in it.

8. Refusing to do a thing which is wrong, although others do it.

9. Living according to your convictions.

10. Accepting the judgment of God on any question.   (Copied).