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No Signs of It

If you are an evangelical, you likely remember a day when churches had two “revivals” each year… one in the spring and one in the fall.  Revivals were held to “revive the saints of God” so that sins would be earnestly confessed, reconciliations would take place in homes and churches, prayer would become fervent and frequent, as the church would experience a season of God’s fresh anointing.

When those “meetings” were two weeks long, the evangelist would preach to the church the first week on holiness, faith, commitment, boldness, and walking with God. The second week of preaching was geared to the lost in the community.  Once God’s people were “revived” and doing again what they should be doing, then going to visit those who did not know Christ and were not active in church was the natural overflow of a heart right with God.  Services would be exciting as people entered with expectancy of being in the presence of God.  The music was energizing, the prayers were fervent, the preaching was Christ-centered and Bible-based.  The folks that had brought a lost friend could not wait for the invitation hoping their friend would become a child of God that very evening.

Some who read the lines above can attest to the validity of an old-fashioned revival.  Most all people 40 and under have never experienced a true revival in a church.  So, praying for a revival is less than fervent.  What we have never experienced, we have a hard time thirsting and hungering to receive. We are desperate in churches for the fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit.  Saints of God are in critical need of a divine encounter with Christ that moves us from lethargy to living in victory.  And, the people without Christ that we know are on a super highway that has a vast number of lanes heading for destruction for “broad is the way” that leads there. Who will stand in the gap to prevent them from heading into eternity without Christ?

What if God sent a revival to a church or across our nation?  What would that look like?

Revival is always marked by an overwhelming sense of Christ’s presence in the church. For example, if Jesus were to physically make His presence known, Sunday after Sunday there would be:

  1. Increased and renewed participation in Worship.
  2. An outpouring of Love among God’s people.
  3. A heightened awareness of Holiness with confession, repentance, and restitution.
  4. An eagerness for Christian Service.
  5. Anointed preaching of and individual interest in the Holy Word of God.
  6. A growing boldness in Prayer.
  7. A remarkable ease in witnessing to and Evangelism of the non-churched community.
  8. All-out involvement in Spiritual Warfare.
  9. An unusual Sense of Well Being or wholeness.
  10. An increase in seeing people saved because of the passion of Christians.

Our objective is to facilitate revival by teaching God’s people healthy spiritual habits in these basic areas of Christianity that always characterize any genuine time of true spiritual awakening. (Copied).   So, would you pray with me, “Lord, send a revival and let it begin in me.”