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Tell Me Your Name Again….

Names of people, products, and places are fascinating.  As we hear names throughout the day, some are familiar, and some are names that we never heard before. Some product names are specific to their function or purpose, while others are ethereal and seek to make the consumer believe that “if you use our product”, you will have a great escape from the routine to the sublime.

Recently, I found an article listing unusual names for boys and girls.  Some boys’ names that were different from my experience were: Ajax, Coyote, Moss, Quill, and Trigger.  For girls, the list included: Cayenne, Electra, Toto, and Reality.  Consider the names that are so familiar that we know immediately what they are, but as a “stand alone” word, the name would have no meaning….  WD-40, Fidgets, I-Pad (sounds like a cotton swatch with soothing lotion for one’s eyes), or Rubik’s Cube (By the way…the cube was not originally intended to be a toy although consumers have bought 350 million units. Its inventor, Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik, created it in 1974 to teach his students three-dimensional geometry). (Taken from:


Sometimes, a name represents a key event, quality, or experience in one’s life.

Dr. Joseph Haroutunian, professor at McCormick Theological Seminary, came to America from Armenia. One day a well-meaning friend said to him, “Your name is difficult to pronounce and difficult to spell–it could hurt your professional career. Why don’t you change your name to Harwood or Harwell or something like that?”

Dr. Haroutunian asked, “What do those names mean?”

His friend said, “Well, nothing. They’re just easier to remember.”

Dr. Haroutunian said, “In Armenia, when my grandfather was baptized, they named him Haroutunian which means ’Resurrection.’ I am Joseph Haroutunian and I will be a son of Resurrection all my days.”  (Copied).

There is one name is unique among all others. It is true that parents pick the names they want for their sons and daughters.  The Father sent word through an angel what His Son was to be named.  A family name is continued through the name of the children.  That is true of this Son for the angel gave a name which means “Jehovah is Salvation”.  That is Who His Father is and what His Father does.  The world has not respected the name even though the Father explicitly commanded it,” You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain.”

His name brings calm to those who are anxious about medical reports or the outcome of a medical procedure.  His name gives courage to those who are on the front lines of sharing the Gospel, His name provides hope to those who are captives in their own country due to devilish dictators.  His name strengthens the broken-hearted widow who is in that valley of releasing her husband of fifty-plus years to enter Heaven’s Gate. His name is feared by those that want to keep people in political bondage to such an extent that even His Book, the Bible, is contraband.  His name is on the lips of those who delight in Him as they give praise for every good gift that comes their way.  And, His name is the hope of abundant life here and eternal life with Him forever.  There is “something” about that name….” JESUS”.  It is THE NAME above all other names!