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I Wish I Hadn’t Said That

Our bodies were created by God to provide for every function of life. We most often use our appendages for good things.  However, in some cases, the hands that we use to grasp things have been clinched to form fists to let it be known we were ready to defend ourselves if necessary.  From time to time, we have seen “real” or movie versions of fighting. In those moments, a person uses everything they can to defend an attacker…… hitting, kicking, biting, choking…  whatever was available was put to use.

If I were to ask you, what is the most dangerous weapon you have “on your person” physically what would you say?  It would likely depend on the situation, but one of the most destructive items, we might not even list in the top three.  However, it is the most lethal and used the most often.  It is our tongue. What we say about others can be caustic, condemning, and false.   But once a remark has been said, it cannot be retracted.

Alan Redpath in his book, A PASSION FOR PREACHING, tells of a time when rumors were flying in the church he pastored.  He led a group in his church to adopt the THINK principle to cause people to pause to “think’ before they spoke.  Here is what “THINK” represented….

T—Is it true’

H—Is it helpful’

I—Is it inspiring’

N—Is it necessary’

K—Is it kind’   (Copied).

Henry Lesser, TEAMWORK, penned this poem….

In the course of your conversation each and every day, 
Think twice, try to be careful of what you have to say;

Your remarks may be picked up by someone’s listening ear, 
You may be surprised at what some people think they hear.

Things that you innocently say, or try to portray,
Can be changed, and greatly exaggerated along the way;

Many stories change for the worse as they are retold 
So try to keep any questionable remarks “on hold.”

May I give all of you some very sound advice? 
When you speak of others, say something nice.

Try to say good things, regardless of who is around,
If you have nothing good to say, don’t utter a sound.

You may find that an innocent remark, in the end,
May lose you a close and valued friend.