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Grace and Peace to You

The LORD rarely does things the way that we think that He will.  “His ways are not our ways!” In every situation, He hears the prayers of His children.  He knows what we are facing before we ever call out to Him in prayer. His grace has already been provided to give us power to be “more than conquerors” before we ever ask.

In Scripture, we see the LORD providing but not always in conventional ways.  When Israel was terrified because of the approach of the chariots of Egypt, who would have thought that God would open the sea to allow for escape?  In the night of fear as the disciples faced a horrific storm at sea, who would have thought that He would speak to the storm to stop, and it did?  When the multitudes were hungry, who could have predicted that He would feed 5000 with five loaves and two fish?

And, it was our God who heard the plea of his servant, Paul, begging that God remove the thorn that was afflicting him.  Surely the LORD would do that small thing for Paul, right?  No, He told Paul that He would not remove the thorn, but that He would provide grace for His “grace was sufficient.”

She was an energetic young woman whose life was forever changed by an accident. Because her spinal cord was severed, she first struggled to survive. Forced to live her life as a quadriplegic, she nearly lost the will to live. Slowly, she achieved the impossible. She painted by holding a brush with her teeth. She produced record albums of joyful music. She married and is now known as an encourager to countless thousands of people. Her name? Joni Eareckson Tada.

it was 2 a.m. and Ken, my husband was snoring softly beside me, not aware that I was biting my lip to keep from waking him up. The combination of my paralysis with middle-of-the-night insomnia always makes me feel claustrophobic. But this was different. The pain in my neck and shoulders was searing. I tried to move my head on the pillow but was stopped short by a razor –sharp stab in the back of my neck.

“O God,” I whispered, “I need to reposition, but I haven’t the heart to wake up Ken. He only has a few hours before hi alarm goes off, yet…I cannot tolerate this pain. Please, I can’t live like this…. help me?”

I began to breathe deeply and recite a favorite hymn: “And I shall see Him face to face and tell the story – saved by Grace. And I shall see Him face to face and tell the story – Saved by Grace.”

The next thing I knew it was morning, Ken was off to work, and my girlfriend had arrived to get me up. When I told her about my rough night, she replied, “I bet you can’t wait for heaven.” Joni looked at her friend and said, “I just experienced a small piece of it.”  (Copied).

Maybe you can relate.  You have asked God to deliver you, or to remove you from a bad situation, or to “move the other person” creating pain in your life.  Bur instead, God has provided in a way that you did not expect or that you never would have dreamed.  And, as God is working out His will in your life, you are experiencing new dimensions of grace and strength that you never knew before.  Perhaps, like Paul, you are learning that His ‘grace is truly sufficient”.