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Sad to see folks pushing or pulling their possessions in a shopping cart.  We have all seen people that have lived on the street for a long time.  Their clothes are in layers, their hair is windblown and disheveled, and their “worldly goods” are stacked high on the carts that they push or pull.  No matter how much their “carriers” contain, their holdings are meager, and their treasures are few. 

If we could see our fellow man with God’s eyes, we would soon realize there are many more paupers than those that live on the street.  Well-groomed men and women drive expensive cars from very affluent houses to offices of influential businesses.  Their job will allow them to make deals that are high dollars before the work day is completed.  And, yet with all their prestige and wealth, they are poverty stricken in the things of the Kingdom.  Their minds never consider the God who made them. Their lips sometimes speak words that are vile and contemptible.  Their behavior belies a darkened heart.  And, their days never include any acknowledgment of the God who created them, gifted them to do what they do, and is the source of wealth.

Physical poverty is much easier to discern.  Helping the physically and fiscally poor can be done with simple gifts that encourage and bless them. 

However, only the Holy Spirit of God can make blind eyes see the plight of a lost soul.  There is one thing that all of the wealth of the world cannot buy…..  it cannot buy the forgiveness of God, the redemption from sin, a place in God’s Kingdom, and a right standing with God.  The price for that kind of privilege was enormously expensive.  That cost the life of the sinless Son of God who paid our sin penalty on the cross.  His resurrection made possible eternal life with Him in the Kingdom that abides forever…. the Kingdom of Heaven.  Satan makes the spiritually destitute think that all of that “stuff in the Bible” about judgment day before God and being separated from God forever as just a myth.  Satan wants mankind to believe that is just a “scare tactic” of the church. 

Well, be patient.  I won’t be long before God’s salvation is made plain for those who are His.  And for those who are not, His wrath is swift and irrevocable!  You can only be forgiven, saved, and transformed if you put yourself in Jesus hands.

A traveler upon a lonely road was set upon by bandits who robbed him of everything he had. They blindfolded him, tied his hands, and make him walk behind them as pulled him with a rope tied to his mid-section. They then led him into the depths of the forest and did not stop walking until they were deep in the forest in the dark of night.  There, in the darkness, they untied his hands and the rope around him.  They tied a rope to the limb of a great tree and bade him catch hold to the end of it. Swinging him out into the blackness of surrounding space, they told him he was hanging over the brink of a giddy precipice. The moment he let go he would be dashed to pieces on the rocks below. And then they left him. His soul was filled with horror at the awful doom impending. He clutched despairingly to the end of the swaying rope. But each dreadful moment only made his fate more sure.

His strength steadily failed. At last he could hold on no longer. The end had come. His clenched fingers relaxed their convulsive grip. He fell—six inches, to the solid earth at his feet! He was not suspended at a great height.  It was only a ruse of the robbers to gain time in escaping. And when he let go it was not to death, but to the safety which had been waiting him through all his time of terror. 

Clutching to your past or your “goodness” is only Satan’s trick to keep you from being saved. And all the while is your heart not full of fear? Let go of your attempts to be saved by your effort. Trust God’s plan to save you.  Your fear asks, “And will not I fall to death?”. NO!  Underneath you to catch you is Jesus!  (Copied).