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What is Your Source of Security?

We are living in the chaos of confusion. Everyone has opinions. Some have platforms from which to speak their views to large sectors of society.  Words are flying in conversations face-to-face, through the media, and on cell phones.  News outlets pour out verbiage 24 hours a day.  Talk shows abound on many outlets to make sure no one has to think for themselves if they listen to the program hosts and their chosen guests. 

In the midst of all of the barrage of men’s thoughts, it is not often that we hear one speak about the profundity of Scripture to the challenges that are being discussed.  It is common to hear what NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, or CNN has to say, but very rarely do we hear a “Thus saith the LORD”.  If we do, we know we are hearing a Christian program.  Perhaps it is because there are so few truly “seeking Him while He may be found” that we have not had a “word from the LORD” that has shaken our nation in a long time.

The less we know about the Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Judge of the Universe, the more fearful we are.  Without Him, we are “free-falling” with nothing beneath to catch us.  We are experiencing the reality of our abandoning faith in God.  When there is no One to turn to because of our unbelief and pandemic atheism, no source of wisdom from which to draw, and no power to deliver us, then we live in insecurities, confusion, and fear.  Consider the words of this Men’s Ministry leader….

Let’s admit it: all of us have twinges of insecurity about ourselves. But it is possible to grow toward being a totally secure man, says Larry Titus, president of the Men Reaching Men ministry.

According to Larry, a totally secure man:

  1. Does not need to tear down others to build up himself. 
  2. Considers inner convictions more the mark of a man than outer toughness. 
  3. Finds talented people an inspiration, not a threat. 
  4. Knows how to take the garbage he was dealt in life and recycle it into energy. 
  5. Forgives people who may never have the courage to apologize. 
  6. Lives his private life as if it were public. 
  7. Considers people more important than projects and plans.  (Copied).

A group of botanists went on an expedition into a hard-to-reach location in the Alps, searching for new varieties of flowers. One day as a scientist looked through his binoculars, he saw a beautiful, rare species growing at the bottom of a deep ravine. To reach it, someone would have to be lowered into that gorge. Noticing a local youngster standing nearby, the man asked him if he would help them get the flower. The boy was told that a rope would be tied around his waist and the men would then lower him to the floor of the canyon. Excited yet apprehensive about the adventure, the youngster peered thoughtfully into the chasm. “Wait,” he said, “I’ll be back,” and off he dashed. When he returned, he was accompanied by an older man. Approaching the head botanist, the boy said, “I’ll go over the cliff now and get the flower for you, but this man must hold onto the rope. He’s my dad!”   (Copied).

The mighty hand of God remains, His faithfulness is sure
 To hold our lives within His grasp, in Christ we are secure 
 Even though our hearts are prone to wander,  We could never run beyond His reach
 Nothing in the world could separate us  From the love of Christ our King  
(from The Mighty Hand of God”, by Citizens & Saints)