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The Lord Does Provide

The decision to move steadily away from the Bible, Judeo-Christian pillars of faith, and away from the morality that was inherently commanded in Scripture has left us confused, immoral, and fearful. To ignore the reality that God is Sovereign over the earth and universe that He created is not only the sign of man’s stupidity but is also expressing the deep desire of those practicing paganism to bring down our nation.  “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. (Prov.14:34).

In God’s creation, His sovereignty over all that He made is very evident.  His handiwork is set up in the framework of laws that are constant.  From the “macro to the micro”, the reality that there is and was a Creator is being verified constantly.  His Sovereignty does not crush our initiative, free-will, or ability to excel in vast numbers of areas through the creative nature of mankind.  Because we were made in His image, we have many of the attributes that our Father has.  We are eager to create new things, stretch our horizons to explore the vastness of this universe, and to find ways to learn about the numerous aspects of this world through our endless research.  All of that is done because of God giving us a mind to reason and think in this large, expansive world that we get to use as our laboratory.  

Because we make so many decisions daily, we frequently miss the simple evidences of God’s work “within us” to assess situations, process the data in our minds, and make a quick and “good” decision.  If we are honest, however, we confess that our abilities stem from God’s Presence to provide insight.  He gives us a situation that causes us to use our gray matter to come to a wise conclusion, and the opportunity to act on that premise.  Sometimes we must ponder a heavy issue for days before deciding. Other times, it seems that the LORD gives us rapid assessing skills to prevent letting a great opportunity slip away. He always provides for us.  We sometimes miss what He has done for us because “our eyes are not open” to see the splendor of His Presence in the simple moments of life.

It was a rainy Sunday morning. As Harry turned into the main road, he saw ahead of him three bedraggled figures huddled under a single umbrella at the next bus stop. One was old Mrs. Fletcher. She still insisted on getting to church by herself, despite her arthritis which was always worse in wet weather. There was Dr. Jones, the local GP to whom he literally owed his life. And the third person was Judith. Harry had a crush on Judith for the past 6 months since she joined their church but had never had the courage or the opportunity to ask her out.

Harry had about 3 seconds to decide what to do. There was only one spare seat. Who should he offer a lift to? But 3 seconds was enough. He pulled to a halt, jumped out, passed the keys to Dr. Jones, helped Mrs. Fletcher into the passenger seat, then modestly waved them good-bye as he huddled close to Judith under the umbrella. God’s sovereignty and our action so often go hand in hand. (Copied).   Psalm 40:17Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God.