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The Most Remarkable Stain Remover

It is full time work.  No matter how hard I try, I just cannot keep the dirt, dust, and clutter from accumulating.  The locale does not matter.  Whether in my office, my car, my closet, or wherever I frequent, it seems that there is an unusual abundance of irritating “stuff” that can appear as dust, smudges, “film” on car windows, or crumbs (have no idea how those get there!) that accumulate like snow in a winter storm.

Truthfully, cleaning my car or office is not overwhelmingly pleasant, but it is not nearly as pervasive as the sin “that so easily besets” all of us.  In my teenage years, I thought that adults had “it all together” and did not have the struggles with temptation, sin, guilt, or the pain of sin’s effect because of someone else’s moral lapse that affected others adversely.  Because the adults I knew were church going, responsible, family folks, and community minded people, we teens believed that they were so very strict with us because we had not attained the mature morality level that they had achieved. 

However, it did not take me long once I got older to realize that adults have all the same struggles.  The older we are, the more we recognize the great work of God that sinners can be forgiven by God’s grace.  Those watchful teachers, coaches, and parents were only seeking to prevent us as young people from the same failures they had experienced.  They knew the pain of grieving over guilt from yielding to temptations in life that can leave a scar for a lifetime.

The joy of knowing Jesus is that He not only forgives us, but He cleanses us!  The older I get, the more that word “cleanses” really does thrill me.  It seems that regularly I spill, drop, or splatter what is on my plate at a meal onto my shirt.  My attempts to get the stain out are usually unsuccessful.  So, when I take it to the cleaners, the lady is not surprised when I tell her which shirts need special treatment because of the “accidents” while eating.  I don’t know what they use, but the cleaning solutions they have are highly effective to wash my shirt and to “cleanse them from all stains”.  So, when I wear a newly cleaned shirt, both the wearer and the shirt have been cleansed from all residue of past mistakes and the stains of sin.

Two theological students were walking along an “old clothes” street in the Whitechapel district of London. Suddenly one exclaimed: “What a splendid text for a sermon to young men!” pointing to a suit of clothes that hung swaying in the breeze at the side of a window. “Slightly soiled, Greatly Reduced in Price.” “That’s it exactly,” he went on. “We who are young people get soiled so easily, by simply seeing a vulgar show in a theater, just reading a coarse book, just allowing ourselves a little indulgence in dishonest or lustful thoughts, just slightly soiled, and when the time comes for our manhood to be appraised, we are ‘greatly reduced in price.’ Our charm, our strength, our purity is gone. The consecration of youth is gone. We are just part and parcel of the general, shop-soiled stock. (Copied).

Maybe you remember and have sung a great old hymn that states how God saves ….

What can wash away my sin? What can make me whole again?

O precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow.

No other fount I know.  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.