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Could We Agree On This One Thing?

Unity is not uniformity.  An army marches in complete “uniformity” in uniform, cadence, and stride.  Some would put that kind of expectation on the church of Jesus and the followers of Christ. But each person was created and placed in life with various gifts, capabilities, backgrounds, education levels, and experiences.  All those things do not disappear when one become a Believer.  Rather, in our diversity there is strength. Unity means we agree on vital elements of our faith even though we are not in “lock-step” on every issue.

But, even in diversity, there are some things that are essential to the faith and practice of Biblical truth that are non-negotiable.  Some of those would be:

  1. The belief in God as an all supreme being Who created all things, sustains it by His power, rules over His universe, and is completely holy.
  2. The belief that Jesus is the virgin born Son of God. He came from heaven to live a sinless life on earth.  He died a vicarious death, was buried in a borrowed tomb, rose again after three days from the dead, ascended to heave once again.  He will return bodily for His children taken His followers to Heaven and judging all mankind.  Those who do not have faith in Jesus will be forever separated from God.
  3. God sent His Holy Spirit to empower His children to live for Him and to convict those who do not know Jesus of their need to be forgiven of sin and transformed by the power of God.

Those are only a few of those things that we believe as Christ-followers and hold as absolutes of our faith. In the same way, when any awakening of God has come to a group of people or to a nation, there are certain characteristics that are evident every time. Some of those things that are  clear convictions and evident reality of all who are transformed during the movement of God are:

*All people are sinners.

*Sin without salvation will send a person to hell.

*God sends His Spirit to convict a person of their sin and draw them to Christ.

*Any person can be saved if they yield in submission to the conviction of God’s Holy Spirit.

*Confess your sins to God, seek forgiveness and accept God’s grace to cleanse your sin and give you eternal life with God.

*All people can have a direct connection with God.

*Religion shouldn’t be formal and institutionalized, but rather intimate and personal.

We have not seen a true, national Awakening in over 160 years. There have been glimpses of God working in unusual and powerful ways in some areas, but nothing that stirred the nation to turn from sin in great numbers and turn to God.  The formula has not changed. God has not moved. His grace has not run out.  So, pray that we heed His call…

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chron. 7:14).