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Think Before You Act

The many instances of sexual misconduct, abuse, adultery, pedophilia, perversion, and homosexuality are rampant.  Our nation has lost our soul which has resulted in a lack of any physical restraint to sexual behavior that is forbidden by God and found repulsive by those who seek to obey God’s laws.

The next time you are tempted to cross the line, rehearse the possible consequences of your actions.

A. Physically – You may contract a sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, or AIDS. And perhaps infecting your spouse or future spouse, even causing death. You may possibly cause pregnancy, with the personal and financial implications of a child.

B. Mentally – You will relieve the experience in your mind over and over again. It’s often said the mind is like a computer. The one noticeable difference, however, is that a computer’s memory can be erased. Whereas what you experience, especially sexually, is retained for life. Your mind keeps a permanent file of the input assimilated through the senses. Those memories and flashbacks could plague future intimacy with your spouse. And to add to your mental anguish, you will carry around the added torment of wondering do other people know what you have done.

C. Emotionally – You will venture down a path that may lead to addiction. Psychiatrists and therapists who work with various addictions say that sexual addictions are more powerful than alcohol and drug addictions with a lower successful transformation rate.

D. Personally – You may lose your self-respect. You may invoke shame and embarrassment upon yourself. You will create a form of guilt that is hard to shake. Even though God would forgive you, you may find it hard to forgive yourself.

F. Professionally – You may lose your job. You may forfeit your status. You may waste years of training and experience because of having to change careers due to impropriety and immorality.

G. Relationally – You will destroy your example and credibility with your family. You will lose the respect and trust of your spouse and family members. You may lose your spouse and your children forever. You may cause shame to your family.

H. Spiritually You will grieve the Lord who redeemed you. You will drag his name in the mud. Do you see why Solomon uses the examples of a slaughter house, a trap, and a snare?

Periodically reviewing and rehearsing the consequences cuts through the fog of rationalization and filling our hearts with the healthy, motivating fear of God.  The warning has been issued: When you cross the line into sexual immorality there are certain and distinct consequences. (Copied).