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More and more people ignore signs.  Most are not partial to a particular kind or location.  It is just that signs are so numerous, they become ineffective, unengaging, and therefore, ignored.  Highways are lined with billboard signs giving all kinds of advertising for eateries, gasoline stations, a city’s attractions, hotels, etc.  Road signs can warn of construction, speed limits (which no one observes!), detours, and even signs to let us know on two lane roads of curves or intersecting roads just ahead.

City councils in many municipalities have established lists of policies that must be followed before a sign can be put on any right-of-way, building, or field in a well-trafficked area.  The need for some regulation is obvious.  No longer are there simply painted signs.  Signs can be LED, flashing, fluorescent, illuminated, blinding colors, and explosive designs to draw attention. Who has not wished that the flashing sign just outside a hotel meeting room would be extinguished while one is seeking to show a video presentation and the blinds do not keep the room dark from the irritating “on-off” illumination from outside?

And, surely none of us would be guilty of going around a road barrier with a sign that states “Road Closed”.  If so, you may be able to identify with this illustration….

The story is told about the father of a vacationing family who came across a large sign that read, “Road Closed. Do Not Enter.” The man proceeded around the sign because he was confident it would save them time. His wife was resistant to the adventure, but there was no turning back for this persistent road warrior. After a few miles of successful navigation, he began to boast about his gift of discernment. His proud smile was quickly replaced with humble sweat when the road led to a washed-out bridge. He turned the car around and retraced his tracks to the main road. When they arrived at the original warning sign he was greeted by large letters on the back of the sign “Welcome back, stupid!”

Sometimes we can have utmost confidence in ourselves to figure out issues or fix problems, but we let ourselves down. Confidence is only as good as the object it’s placed in. When going through life, the wise person places their confidence in an unchanging, all-powerful God. (Copied).

God seeks to protect us from harm by giving instructions in the Bible for living a life that is within the realm of the Creator’s plan for us.  From the Old Testament, He gave the law of God to Moses so that the Children of Israel would know God’s expectation.  The Pentateuch covered every area of life, family, business transactions, health, sexual prohibitions, worship, and even the design for the tabernacle’s construction. 

These “signs” from God were not suggestions.  They were divine directional signs to show us the ways of God and to warn us from getting off course.  Leaving the “God Way” leads to sadness and even possibly to destruction if one persists in continually refusing the narrow way that leads to life. With God, the “Thou shalt not’s” were there to keep us on the right road. Obedience to the signs of God will lead us home safely.   Heed God’s sign, “Here is the way. Walk ye in it!”