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Are You Due For a Checkup?

Americans are conscientious about maintenance and making sure that equipment, cars, and health are regularly checked. The old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is the axiom of vigilant people. We value those people who can extend the life of major pieces of equipment and the life of an individual.

Anyone doing a check-up has a standard against which their evaluation is made.  The same is true in spiritual things.  God has given laws, principles, and precepts that is the standard of He expects of His people.  Blatant disregard of what He has commanded results in “poor performance”, disappointed outcomes, depression over lost opportunities, and possibly disillusionment with Christian living.  The most common area of mismanagement is what is done with one’s finances. We do not demonstrate in our financial decisions that God owns all things and we are just managers of what He has given to us.

There can be no significant spiritual growth in your life, unless you put your money and what you think about your money into God’s hands, because it’s just too big and too pivotal an issue. If you went to a doctor because of a general need to improve your health and said, “Doctor, I am just not healthy. I’m always tired, and I’m constantly getting sick. Can you help me?” What would the doctor say?

She would look at you and she’d say, “Listen, you’re going to have to tell me everything because I can’t just give you a physical checkup. You’re going to have to tell me how you’re sleeping, how well you sleep, and how many hours you sleep. You have to tell me what you’re eating, and how much you’re eating. You need to tell me about your work. How many hours are you working, how satisfying is your work? You have to tell me about personal stresses that may be happening in your life, you’ve got to tell me everything.”

And if you looked at her and said, “Now wait a minute, you’re a doctor, you stick to the physical. I don’t want to talk to you about my personal stresses, and I don’t want to talk to you about the personal problems I have at work. That’s not your department; you help me with my health,” what would she say?

She’d say, “I’m sorry, they’re all connected. You can’t break your life into departments. Maybe the reason that you’re always getting sick is because there’s some kind of psychological strain on you. And the physiological effects are real, they’re not psychosomatic, but they’re being caused by something [else]. You might need counseling as well as my treatment, and therefore you’ve got to tell me everything.”

Of course, that’s what the doctor’s going to say. And in the same way God says, “You come to Me because you want meaning, because you want renewal, because you want strength, because you want forgiveness. If you want Me in your life, then you’ve got to let Me talk to you about your money.” You see, if I want God in my life but I don’t want anybody talking to me about what God says about money, that’s impossible. Just like the doctor, who will kick you out after a while and say, “I’m sorry, what you want is impossible. You want me to deal with your health, but you won’t tell me everything, and you won’t see that you are an interconnected whole,” In the spiritual realm, unless you’re willing to talk to God about your money, obey what He has commanded of us in His Word about money, and unless you’re willing to put your money and your attitude toward your money in God’s hands as well, He cannot use you and move you toward a deeper walk with God because you demonstrate that you do not trust Him.  (Copied).