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Is That True?

How wrong can the experts be? Let’s look at history and see.

Daryl F. Zanuck, who was head of 20th Century Fox, back in 1946 said, “TV won’t be able to hold on to any market after the first 6 months-people will soon tire at staring at a plywood box every night.”

Marshall Foch of France said in 1911, “Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” James Hoffa, president of the teamsters said in 1975, “I don’t need bodyguards.” Hitler at the peak of his power said the third Reich will last one thousand years. He was only off by 988 years.

General George Custer said there are only about 300 Indians down there by the Little Big Horn. He was off by two thousand eight hundred. Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic said, “This ship will never sink.” He was close, for he only missed it by one, for it only sank once.

We get a kick out of just how wrong experts can be in their judgments, for it makes us feel superior. If we knew just how often they are wrong, we would probably rid the world of the feelings of inferiority.

The poet writes,

The world is full of experts, but with every breaking story

The experts seem a whole lot like Professor Irwin Corey.*

Because they are authorities, they stand out from the throng,

The only problem being that they are so often wrong.

*(Irwin Corey was American stand-up comic billed as The World’s Foremost Authority.  He died in 2017).

It is almost impossible not to be wrong, for not only can nobody know that needs to be known, but it is possible to be wrong even when you are right. It is possible to be subjectively right, and yet objectively wrong. (Copied).

Every single day, some “expert” is prognosticating about some aspect of the day’s news.  Everyone on the airwaves or quoted in print speaks with great authority.  Many are on the news so often that their names are household words.  We listen to what they say and depending on “if they are on our side” of an issue, we quote them with tremendous fervor and confidence.  Objectivity, accuracy, or veracity are not questioned “if” they are “one of us”.

Truly, the only absolutely accurate source always is Jesus.  He is Truth personified. Even those who put Him on trial could find no fault in Him.  When we want to be absolutely sure that what we are quoting is from a perfectly reliable source, quote the words of Jesus.  You will never be wrong if you do!