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A Word That Has a Negative Connotation

Many years ago, at a meeting of the American Psychological Association, Jack Lipton, who was at that time a psychologist at Union College, and R. Scott Builione, then a graduate student at Columbia University, presented their findings on how members of the various sections of 11 major symphony orchestra perceived each other.

The percussionists were viewed as insensitive, unintelligent, and hard-of-hearing, yet fun-loving. String players were seen as arrogant, stuffy, and unathletic. The orchestra members overwhelmingly chose “loud” as the primary adjective to describe the brass players. Woodwind players seemed to be held in the highest esteem, described as quiet and meticulous, though a bit egotistical. Interesting findings, to say the least! With such widely divergent personalities and perceptions, how could an orchestra ever come together to make such wonderful music? The answer is simple: regardless of how those musicians view each other, they subordinate their feelings and biases to the leadership of the conductor. Under his guidance, they play beautiful music. (COPIED).

Submission will be grievous unless the person has first determined to live in submission to our LORD.  Only by surrendering to Him in full devotion can a person be changed to live totally different.  Selfishness gives way to selflessness.  Vanity yields to spiritual victory. And, what we loved to do in the flesh, we develop a new love of living by faith.

The temptation of man from the days of our “parents”, Adam and Eve, was to be independent and self-sufficient.  What a wise person learns in life is that submission to the will of God and His plan for how we are to live life opens the door to an abundant life.  Freedom abounds within the will of God to become all that the Creator intended for His Creation.  Each person has to determine to “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your cares on Him for He cares for you.”  (1 Peter 5:6-7).  Honoring that principle breeds life, and rejection of it will lead to death.

Seatbelts can be a hassle. Some people just don’t want to be bothered even when the law requires them to buckle up. According to the Associated Press, a New Zealander named Ivan Segedin took it to an extreme.

The police ticketed him 32 times over five years for failing to use his seat belt. Even though this was costing him big money, Segedin refused to buckle up. Finally, instead of obeying the law, the man decided to rely on deception. He made a fake seat belt that would hang over his shoulder and make it appear that he was wearing a seat belt when he was not.

His trick worked for a while. Then, he had a head-on collision. He was thrown forward onto the steering wheel and killed.

Discussing the accident, the coroner described the fake seat belt: “Though his car was fitted with seat belts, an extra belt with a long strap had been knotted above the seat belt on the driver’s side, providing a belt to simply sit over the driver’s shoulder.”  (Copied).