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I Don’t Feel Like Working

When we focus on the founding of America, we hear of the lofty ideals of freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc.  However, what we fail to remember is the intention of our Founders to put strict limitations on the power of government and maximum power in the hands of the people to have freedom to work, rear a family, and to keep the profit from one’s labor to live well.

Over the years, government has become a much larger, more complex, powerful, and intrusive entity.  The rights of Americans are being more limited as the rule of government becomes more demanding. What our forefathers envisioned was a republic that would provide safety for its citizens, freedom to do in life what was not possible under tyrannical rule, to provide the infrastructure for transportation, trade, and enough tranquility to rear a family and provide for their family through the satisfaction of working hard.  By giving men freedom to earn their own living and teach their children about hard work, responsibility, community, and convictions of faith, a nation would be strong because the individuals of that nation would be strong.

The command of God for men to work “six days and rest on the seventh” did not come as part of the curse on sin.  It was and is God’s intention from creation.  Sadly, we have created a monster that now roars to be fed more stuff “free” so that earning those benefits is not involved.  Years of giving out assistance to a large percentage of the population with no requirements for work to be done spawns generations that feel that the government owes them food, clothing, housing, education for their children, and medical care.  Even children from middle class families in our 21st century have so many things given to them by parents and grandparents that working for minimum wage as a teen is not attractive. 

Socialism that is taught in many of our major universities is readily endorsed by the college students who are there because of the parent’s full funding of all that they have and do. The car/clothes/campus life they enjoy are fully provided by parents.  The career following college is frequently obtained through the connections of the parents.  The benefits enjoyed cost the student nothing.  It is the life that they have had from their birth.  So, why should they have to work for anything?

Socialism promises that “everyone” can have wealth and “government” will provide it.  Sadly, too many millennials have not figured out that what government spends has come from the hard-earned money of the citizens. And, the equality promised by socialism…. what is not told is that it will keep everyone poor except the 1%-2% of government officials who have to make all of the “wise decisions” for the poor, ignorant working folks like us. For verification of that, all one has to do is to study Venezuela, China, North Korea, just to name a few that love the communist-socialist model.

Laziness and “free-loading” never builds anything.  However, it will create a hungry beast that demands ever more entitlement because of perceived privilege.

As our society moves further and further away from valuing hard work, we are seeing a rise in laziness. This disease is undermining not just the foundations of our nation, but it is striking at the church as well. It is always easy to justify taking it easy. While there is a place for rest—following the pattern God established in the beginning of Creation by resting on the seventh day—few in our age are suffering from overwork. Instead too many continually “hit the snooze button” and waste their lives through laziness.  (Copied).