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Lots of champions will not get a trophy, blue ribbon, or gold medal.  In fact, their names will not make the news.  They will not be contacted by the President.   No newspaper will herald their tireless efforts.  There will not be any applause nor the sound of any kind of anthem. Yet these brave, persistent, and conquering souls still strive to be ever better in their performance in their events.

Who is this group of stellar individuals that could do things with such excellence that the world marvels and yet there is no fanfare given nor is it even expected? 

Glad you asked.  These champions are the moms and dads who selflessly care for each other and their families without any expectation of recognition.  Like great athletes, they rise early to get the basic exercises done like making sure every child is up, dressed, fed, and given whatever fee is to be paid at school and then in record time, gets that child either on the bus or to the campus with 60 seconds trimmed from their best previous time.  They instill in their children that they are very special creations of God and are gifted to do great things in life.  They applaud “their team” of aspiring young people and everything that is done well is recognized.  What is not done well is corrected by the “parent coach” to make sure that poor habits do not begin to become commonplace.

These “Gold Medal” parents never stop in their exhortations.  Although some of the young folks in training think that their “life coaches at home” hate them, it could not be farther from the truth.  It is their deep, abiding, and “never let go” kind of love that keeps the coach constantly looking for opportunities to “cheer for them” and when times of correction must come, the “coaches” hurt much worse that the “trainees”. Those champion parents will never get the accolades and rewards they should on earth. But, one day, for those that know Christ, they will be given the highest of awards… the crown of life by our LORD JESUS CHRIST! If you listen very closely, you might just hear the trumpets sounding as the stadium is filling up for the awards to be given!

Cathy Rigby was a member of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team in the 1972 Olympics at Munich, and she had only one goal in mind… to win a gold medal. She had trained hard over a long period.

On the day she was scheduled to perform, she prayed for the strength and the control to get through her routine without making mistakes. She was tense with determination not to let herself or her country down. She performed well, but when it was all over and the winners were announced, her name was not among them. Cathy was crushed.

Afterward, she joined her parents in the stands all set for a good cry. As she sat down, she could barely manage to say, “I’m sorry. I did my best.”

“You know that, and I know that,” her mother said, “and I’m sure God knows that too.”

Then, Cathy recalls, her mother said 10 words that she has never forgotten: “Doing your best is more important than being the best.”   (Copied).