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Work With All Your Heart (Col. 3:23)

The wealth of America is astounding.  Most of us cannot fathom the enormity of riches of a person who is listed as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.  We read of the “rich and famous” who measure their wealth in hundreds of millions and/or billions of dollars.  Needless to say, we marvel at that level of wealth for it is beyond our comprehension.

On the flip side of that remarkable success, there are millions of people globally who live in abject poverty.  Some due to persecution, war, famine, natural devastation, government oppression, disease, or great losses.  It is possible for some to be poor because they were made “poor” by continually giving them provisions without expecting some level of work to earn money as a requirement. 

Recently, I read an article about successful people that I affirmed again what I have learned in the journey of life.  The brief summary of the major points from that article I have listed below.  You can read the article if you hit the site at the bottom of the summary listed here.

8 Habits of the Most Successful People That Lazy People Lack by Nicolas Cole

1. Successful people plan ahead.

Failure to prepare is the act of preparing to fail.  Those who are successful at what it is they want to do spend a healthy amount of time planning, thinking, strategizing, and preparing in advance.

2. Successful people do the hard stuff first.

Those who are successful at what they do know this. And instead of shying away from the challenge, they make themselves do these “hard tasks” first–before allowing themselves the luxury of the easy stuff.

3. Successful people say no.

4. Successful people invest in themselves.

Both in terms of time and money, successful people see life through a lens of investment. The majority of people don’t invest; they spend. Successful people, on the other hand, invest.

5. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people.

6. Successful people study their craft.

7. Successful people are accountable for their actions.

Lazy people point the finger at others and make excuses for why things didn’t happen. Successful people own up to the weight of their actions and take accountability for their own shortcomings.

8. Successful people believe in themselves.

Lazy people want others to believe in them before they believe in themselves.  Successful people, on the other hand, believe in themselves against all odds, often times long before anyone else does.

A young husband and wife had not been married very long when the husband lost his job. At first, he was busy looking for a new job, filling out applications and such. But as time wore on, he grew more accustomed to his new role as one of the unemployed. After a few months it got to where he spent the biggest part of his day just lazing around the house. One afternoon, after a hard day, his wife came home and saw him lying on the couch watching TV. That was the last straw and she exploded. She began to vent months of pent up frustration. “If it weren’t for my money that TV wouldn’t be here.”, she said. “If it weren’t for my money that couch wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for my money that popcorn you’re eating wouldn’t be here.” The husband listened carefully and thought for a moment, the he replied honestly, “If it weren’t for your money, I wouldn’t be here.” (Copied).