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He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

In the process of cleaning out files in preparation for my retirement, I am finding lots of old illustration files from years previous.  What is amazing is how many of those articles, news stories, and things that were “current issues” then are still relevant now. 

One such “find” was a newsletter from James Dobson when he was the leader of Focus on the Family. The date of publication was September 1999. Let me share comments from Dr. Dobson that he printed in pages 8-9 of that edition.  He is discussing the tragic shift in the culture from the Judeo-Christian heritage of our past.  Allow me to print here what Dr. Dobson printed 20 years ago…

I firmly believe Christians need to stay abreast of what is happening in the wider culture.  I know!  All of you are very busy and it is difficult to deal with the pressures of everyday living. Thus, there is little time to monitor the developments of significance to the family and moral concerns that are at risk.  Nevertheless, it is important to stay informed.  Otherwise, those who hope to undermine the Judeo-Christian heritage and re-order this great democracy will have free reign.

Perhaps the following comment from Dr. Henry Blackaby will help draw our thoughts together. Dr. Blackaby, a special assistant to the presidents of the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, and the Sunday School Boards of the Southern Baptist Convention and co-author of the best selling book, EXPERIENCING GOD, spoke on May 22, 1999 at a conference at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC.  When he had finished, this question was asked by one of the participants: “What do you see as the future for the United States?”  Here is a portion of Dr. Blackaby’s reply….

If you put the US up against the Scriptures, we’re in trouble.   I think we’re very close to the judgment of God.  The problem of America is not the unbelieving world.  The problem of America is the people of God. You see, right now there are just as many divorces in the churches as outside the churches. There are just as many abortions inside the churches as outside the churches. There’s only a one percent difference in gambling inside the churches as outside the churches. George Barna did a survey of 152 separate items comparing the lost world and the churches, and he said there is virtually no difference between the two. So, we have brokenness in the churches [and] no reconciliation.

How then should we live?  This is a long answer to a short question, but it depends on the people of God.  I hope if you didn’t hear anything else that comes from this conference, that you will understand that it’s God’s people who hold the destiny of America. Don’t fuss at the world.  It’s acting just like its nature.  We’ve got to be salt and light again.  We’ve got to have an observable difference.

So, God’s attention right now is on His own people, and if I gave one statement, it would be, “The future of America rests in our hands.”

Does that not sound as if it were written this morning? So, the truth of 2 Chron. 7:14 strikes at our hears once again…” If my people….”  We need God at work powerfully in America again!