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Serving On a Winning Team

For football fans everywhere, our time of the year is here.  After waiting months since the Super Bowl, we are at long last back to the fall season which means football mania can begin.  It has been my observation that no one wants their favorite team to be “in the cellar” the whole season.  Who can get excited to go see a team get throttled every single weekend?  We love winners and we love winning teams.  At work we want our team to be “a winner”.  We don’t settle for mediocre.  We aspire to excellence!

What are some of the characteristics of a winning team?

Their people support each other and share a “can-do” attitude. They communicate clear expectations and give meaningful feedback. They meet their deadlines and fulfill the objectives of their projects. Their meetings have purpose and lead to specific actions. They deal effectively with challenges and problems. Their team’s productivity is high. The quality of their work is top-notch. Their team members are enthusiastic and motivated, working at top capacity. They hire the best-qualified workers and know how to blend different personalities into a harmonious group. Not only do their workers respect them, but so do their bosses, giving them credibility throughout the organization. (Copied).


  1. Works toward a common goal 
  2. Develops its members’ skills 
  3. Efficiently uses its time and talents 
  4. Embraces the diversity of its members 
  5. Is committed to continuous improvement 
  6. Builds morale internally 
  7. Performs effectively and produces results 
  8. Accepts praise and criticism
  9. Cooperates rather than competes 
  10. Maintains a positive attitude toward everyone’s ideas 
  11. Stays on task 
  12. Uses resources wisely 
  13. Communicates openly
  14. Teaches and learns from one another
  15.  Resolves conflicts effectively 
  16. Welcomes challenges 
  17. Shares pride in its accomplishments 
  18. Celebrates successes.  (Copied).

Once a team masters the kinds of principles listed above, they begin to win on the field.  It is not that these truths are some mystical formula.  Rather, it is that these truths represent best practices that are proven to be effective over and over.  You can spend a lot of money on lots of books, but within the pages of those books, these are the kinds of principles you will find.  So, here they are to you “free of charge”.  What are you planning to do with them?