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Small But Deadly

As weapons go, it surely does not appear to be lethal.  It stays hidden most of the time.  Although it is not readily seen, it is very active throughout every day. The fact that it is used for so many things is one of the reasons that people rarely fear it. 

Sometimes it is used to aid in eating.  Then, it may be used to hold a straw in place for drinking.  Words are only formed for speaking by its skills to help shape sounds.  Various people can get it to do different maneuvers.  Some can get it to roll with the sides coming to the middle.  Others can manipulate it into position to create a shrill and very loud whistle.  Everybody can “stick it out” in playfulness or aggravation toward another person. 

Our tongues have many functions, and all are put to use frequently.  Even though it can be so marvelously beneficial for our good, it holds the possibility of being a weapon forced into action by the mind.  Space does not permit me to list the extremely high number of quotes that have been made by various people about “the tongue”.  Here are a few….

Put a bridle on thy tongue; set a guard before thy lips, lest the words of thine own mouth destroy thy peace… on much speaking cometh repentance, but in silence is safety. William Drummond.

Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongueAdam Clarke.

Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip. Richard Steele

I am convinced that the best service a retired general can perform is to turn in his tongue along with his suit and to mothball his opinions.  Omar N. Bradley

“But the tongue is as volatile as it is vital. It was Washington Irving who first said, ‘A sharp tongue is the only edge tool that grows keener with constant use.’ It was James, the half-brother of Jesus, who first warned: The tongue is a fire…a restless evil and full of deadly poison (James 3:6,8). Verbal cyanide. A lethal, relentless flaming missile which assaults with hellish power, blistering and destroying at will. And yet it doesn’t look anything like the brutal beast it is.

Neatly hidden behind ivory palace gates, its movements are an intriguing study of coordination. It can curl itself either into a cheery whistle or manipulate a lazy, afternoon yawn. With no difficulty it can flick a husk of popcorn from between two jaw teeth or hold a thermometer right where it needs to be.

And it is tricky! It can help you enjoy the flavor of a stick of peppermint as it switches from side to side without once getting nipped. Moments later is can follow the directions of a trumpeter, allowing him to play ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ without a single miscue. But watch out! Let your thumb get smashed with a hammer or your toe get clobbered on a chair and that slippery creature in your mouth will suddenly play the flip side of its nature. (Charles Swindoll, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life).

You’ve been warned. Use with great caution!  Can be extremely dangerous!