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It Is Legal But It Is Ungodly

This last week, I went to participate with others in FORTY DAYS OF PRAYER FOR LIFE.  I was there on a bright sunny Thursday morning just outside the Women’s Clinic Entrance in Tulsa where women frequently enter to get information about an abortion or to receive an abortion.  It was sobering to stand outside and know that mass killing happens in that small building weekly.  Although we know that abortions happen daily in this country, it makes the barbaric practice much more real when standing within feet of the doors through which mothers pass to have the child in their womb dismembered and killed.

Do you remember in your earliest years when you believed that adults knew all of the answers, and you were so glad that “they were in charge” since that was true?  Now, I realize the fallacy of that thinking.  Sadly, many adults are bent on establishing activities that “do” have fatal and addictive consequences and yet, those activities are legalized anyway.  Abortion is the most perplexing, the most deadly, and the most promoted by far too many people in this nation…..

“Ours is a country in which you are ill advised to be a fetus. The highest court in the land has ruled that you’re a parasite, disposable at will, even when you’re almost out of the chute. You’re just an extension of your mother’s whim. She can do whatever she likes with you. Her court instituted right to ‘choose’ trumps your right to live.”

 So writes Norah Vincent in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times. What set her off was the 63 Supreme Court decision that a hospital may not test a pregnant woman for drugs, although drug testing of government employees and high school athletes is permitted because there are “special needs.” Apparently, the health of unborn children does not count as a special need. Feminists declared the Court decision a victory for the autonomy of women, but Ms. Vincent doesn’t buy that. “We can do anything. We can have as much sex as we want—as much wanton sex as some men do—and we need not be concerned with the consequences. If the unthinkable happens, if—surprise, surprise—nature actually takes its course and we become pregnant, well, we’ll just do what we do after we binge on too many French fries. We’ll purge. After all, if you want to stay thin after eating everything in sight, then it’s the finger down the throat. If you want to stay barren but have as much protected or unprotected sex as you want, then it’s the doctor in your business—but not too much in your business. Only as much as you want him.

What’s more, when we’re good and ready to have a child, we’ll still be totally in control of our bodies. We’ll smoke, we’ll booze, we’ll crack it up all night long if we take a mind to, and it’ll be nobody’s business. Because the Constitution protects us. We have a right to our privacy and our bodies, even though, when it comes to that seventh, eighth, ninth month of pregnancy, we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in them anymore. But who cares, those babies are ours, and we can do with them what we like. We can smoke three packs a day. We can drink motor oil.

And if that baby comes out with a brain that doesn’t quite work right or that doesn’t work at all, if it has an imposed mortal dependency on a narcotic, if it comes out with expensive special needs, well, the government will pay for it. That’s what government is for: to safeguard my right to do what I like and pick up the tab when I’ve done it. I can do anything, consequences be damned. Let freedom ring, because I am woman, and this is America.”   (Stephanie Simon, “Offering Abortion, Rebirth.”  Los Angeles Times.  Nov. 29, 2005).