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We know what it is like to be traveling with a group eager to see the sites that you paid good money to see. Then, as you approach a particular place you longed to see from a bus window more than any other on that particular day, the person behind you is jostled with a camera in one hand and a full cup of a soft drink in the other. Trying to pass the cup to their seat mate, the fail to clear the back of the bus seat where you are sitting.  Suddenly, the contents of that cold drink are poured down your back.  At the very moment you had anticipated seeing the edifice that had only been in pictures till now, you jump up due to the cold beverage and ice that is running freely down the back of your seat.  You turn around to see what has happened, and by the time you turn back, the bus has passed the place and your opportunity is lost.  You were cheated of a special moment.  You missed what you had longed to see. 

There are those folks that are ever distracted and “miss the point” often.  They are present, but not attentive, focused, or concerned about what is being said or done.  They are proficient at living in oblivion to realities of life. Great moments are forfeited over minutiae.  

My whole life, I’ve wanted things before I was ready. I was always pushing for the next job, the next success. I was so focused on achieving and the path that I was missing some great point about life.    David Duchovny

A number of years ago I spent a summer teaching in Mexico. Both my children went with me. To pass the time as we drove, my 13-year-old son Larry watched for license plates. The trip to Mexico netted him plates from 24 states, and while we were there, he saw four more.

When we started back, he was over halfway to having “collected” all 50. Our return trip was during the peak vacation season, and to top it off, we went through Yellowstone National Park; a license-plate collector’s paradise. By the morning of the second day there, he had just one more state to go: Delaware. Larry became obsessed with finding a license plate from Delaware.

When we stopped to see Yellowstone’s magnificent sights, he didn’t glance at them. He preferred to run up and down the parking lots, looking at license plates. Talk about stress! Talk about anxiety! You would have thought that his whole life depended on finding a Delaware license plate! When we stopped to eat in a cafeteria near Yellowstone Falls, my son begged me to let him look for license plates. Please, I don’t want to eat,” Larry said. “Can’t I just stay here in the parking Lot?” “No,” we told him, “you have to eat.” So, he went inside and ate as quickly as he could get the food down and then headed out to the parking lot.

No sooner had we finished our meal, however, than Larry came bounding across the parking lot. “Come here! You’ve got to see it You won’t believe it if you don’t see it!” All of us went running out; and there, just pulling out of a parking space, was a blue Volkswagen bus with Delaware license plates. In fact, we got a picture, and even today, a decade later, when we look at our Yellowstone pictures, that’s the picture that tells more about what we did in Yellowstone than anything else.  (Copied).

Don’t be so preoccupied with earth’s diversions that you miss God eternal purpose!  Forever is an awful thing to waste!  “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”   (Mark 8:36).