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 The building block of any nation is the family unit.  The many aspects of life are first experienced as children are reared in the homes of parents or those that fill that role.  Here are some of the stats and observations of family life in the 21st century.

These are statistics from 2018….

Number of families in America – 83 million

Average Size of a family – 3.14

Number of families with a Single Mother – 15 million

Number of married couples in America – 61.24 million

(Taken from:

New survey findings underscore the extent to which many young adults are financially reliant on their parents. Some 45% of adults ages 18 to 29 (with at least one living parent) say they have received a lot of or some financial help from their parents in the past 12 months. According to parents of young adults, those shares may be even higher. About six-in-ten parents with children ages 18 to 29 (59%) say they have given their kids at least some financial help in the past year.   (Taken from:

With the many changes in “family” in the USA, what are some guidelines and practices that are constant?  Here are some that have stood the test of time to be highly effective….

These nine guidelines provide a basis for building trust in your wife and children:

1. Be an encourager. If you don’t have something good to say, maybe you don’t have anything to say.

2. Learn to listen to and understand the feelings behind words.

3. Demonstrate genuine interest in activities of family members.

4. Be a trusted friend to your wife and children; those whom you are responsible for as head of the home.

5. Clearly communicate goals and plans that affect the family members and listen to their suggestions.

6. When giving direction or correction to your children, make yourself vulnerable to them and share how you overcame the same difficulty.

7. Be openly affectionate.

8. Be consistent when you discipline.

9. Frequently and openly honor your spouse.  (Copied).