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How to Pray For Our New Pastor

Here are some brief prompts regarding things that all of us can be praying as we vote this Sunday, December 8, to confirm the calling of Dr. Matt Brooks to be our new pastor……

  • Lord, please pour out abundant blessings on Dr. Matt as he embarks on this next phase of his ministry.
  • May he continue to be a man after God’s own heart who desires to be nourished and fed by our LORD to equip and enable him to always be pointing us to Christ. 
  • May his heart be kept focused steadfastly on the Word of God, and may he constantly seek to love the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength as he encourages, edifies, and teaches all of us “in the church” and all listening weekly on Live Stream that are under his guidance.
  • Strengthen his walk with You Lord. We know already that Dr. Matt loves to study and be fed from Your Word.  Even as you nourish his soul daily from feasting at your table of the Bread of Life, would you also send him encouragement regularly from his congregation and other believers with whom he comes in contact?
  • Give our pastor a fresh anointing of Your holy Spirit every single day. Fill him Father, with patience and peace.  So many pastors today are being attacked by the enemy and we ask that You protect our own dear pastor in every situation from the snares and temptations of the enemy.
  • Give our pastor the boldness to preach the unchangeable Word of God with courage and integrity.
  • Protect his home and his marriage from the temptations that may arise in his pastoral role. Keep him from discouragement, knowing that the way is narrow a few there be that find it.  And, please, Lord, give him souls for his faithfulness to cast your net to capture the souls of men with your Gospel.
  • Please send our pastor good friends to come alongside him and help hold his arms up in prayer (Ex. 17:12). Pray for friends where he can be fully himself and not just “the pastor.”
  • Pray for the gospel to soak your pastor’s heart.  May the truth of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection ignite and motivate his leadership and preaching.
  • A pastor isn’t a “super-human”. He’s a husband and father and needs prayer that the demands of his job don’t eclipse his relationship with Bren and his children. Pray that he and Bren would have date nights often (and maybe offer to help babysit or get them a gift card to encourage them to do so!). Pray that they would have times to be together as a family to make marvelous memories together. Matt, Bren, and the children all need those days of retreat and refreshment to serve “together” well in this calling that he has as pastor.