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I have been reading about pastor’s making the transition from active ministry to retirement for many months now.  It has been enlightening to learn what churches have done and what many did without any planning or preparation.  Even more interesting is the process some congregations use to get their new preacher.  Certainly, as a candidate’s track record is examined, the Search Team makes decisions on which men would likely be a good candidate to interview. 

Here is a look at well-known Bible characters that likely would not be approved to serve in any church in the 21st century!  You make up your mind how you would respond if anyone like any of these were brought as the “nominee” to be your new pastor?

1. Adam – Good man but has wife trouble.

2. Noah – former pastorate of 120 years with no converts, problem with the bottle, and a wayward son morals problem.

3. Abraham – Scandal ridden, offered wife to another man, child abuse

4. Joseph – dreamer, prison record

5. Moses – poor communicator, stutters, unanswered murder charge

6. David – affair with neighbor’s wife, hired a hit man to kill husband

7. Solomon – husband of more than one wife.

8. Elijah – prone to depression and nervous break downs

9. Elisha – reported to have lived with a single widow at former church

10. Hosea – our congregation could not handle his wife’s occupation

11. Jeremiah – emotionally unstable, alarmist, negative, lamenter.

12. Isaiah – language problems, on the fringe, claims to see angels

13. Jonah – refuses to preach to the lost unless forced to by God

14. Amos – backward and unpolished, does not like the rich

15. John – does not dress like a Baptist, weird diet, provokes government officials.

16. Peter – bad temper, curses, hypocrite in racial matters, loose cannon

17. Paul – uses racial epitaphs, know to preach all night on one occasion.

18. Timothy – too young and single.

19. Jesus – dwindled church of 5,000 down to 12 or 120, offends folks

20. Judas – His references are solid. Good connections. Knows how to handle money, has compassion for poor. He is preaching for us Sunday. Real possibilities here.  (Copied).